Terms & Conditions

All Artwork to be delivered to studio at customers expense. Return delivery will be charged at cost. Whilst every care will be taken for the safe storage of artwork on site, we cannot be held liable for any damage to prints, either during transit or whilst being stored on our premises. Orders are accepted on the basis that the customer accepts full responsibility for the condition of artwork and it is assumed that insurance for items (if deemed necessary) will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

Photographic Images produced by John Anthony O'Neill are copyright work and are licensed to the customer for specific uses. Master print files that have been created by John Anthony O'Neill, remain the property of John Anthony O'Neill, however files will not be used to make prints, without the consent of the customer. We accept that the original work of art produced by the Artist is also copyright work and that the customer has full control over the sale and distribution of all printed copies.

By using our services it is assumed that the customer accepts these terms & conditions.

Images Supplied by Customer

All images supplied by the customer should be high resolution TIFF files (Uncompressed) or Jpeg Files (Set to highest quality output). IMPORTANT Images should be sent to us at the finished print size (Less one inch border for white space). The additional white border will be added on by us during printing. Please note that images may be automatically cropped to fit available page space if the customer supplies images that are a different aspect ratio to the available print space. The customer accepts all liability for incorrect print sizes or aspect ratio miss matches where files have not been sent at the correct size and or aspect ratio. By using this service the customer agrees to these terms & conditions.

Money Back Guarantee

To avail of the Money Back Guarantee OR optional reprint service, the customer must first send their order back to our print studio with a written detailed explanation outlining the issues with the prints provided. The customer accepts that no claims can be made for refunds or reprints under the following circumstances;

1. Where customers have requested image enhancements to be undertaken by us, they must accept that these enhancements are subjective and are undertaken according to the skill and taste of the printer, who will try to make the prints look as aesthetically pleasing as possible based on the chosen output media.
2. All images supplied must be in our recommended file format and correctly sized. For example images should be set to 360ppi resolution at the finished print size in TIFF or Jpeg format and should not have any file compression used or contain any alpha channels or layers. Images should also be correctly exposed and in focus.
3. All images should be properly colour managed and contain an embedded ICC colour profile (Either Adobe RGB 1998 or Pro Photo). Please note that colours printed may look different to your screen unless your screen is an accurately calibrated graphics monitor and you are using soft proofing with the correct paper profile applied. Files that do not meet this standard cannot be guaranteed to colour match original artwork and no guarantee is provided for colour accuracy. Please note that if colour accuracy is a requirement then we recommend using our in-house photography service which is fully colour managed according to best international standards. We cannot be held responsible for prints made from files produced by third parties, unless the original artwork is provided for comparison at the time of order, since we have no way of knowing what colour management was used at the time of capture it is impossible for us to know if the colours shown on our calibrated screen actually match the original artwork.
4. The customer accepts that there are certain limitations in producing Fine Art Giclee prints. The colour gamut of Fine Art Paper will in most circumstances be different to the original media used by the artist and as such it may not be technically possible to reproduce colour exactly like the original artwork. The aim of the Fine Art Printer is to produce aesthetically pleasing prints that are suitable for resale and should be judged accordingly. Print colours and tonal range can be affected by the precise paper type chosen, the type of ink/pigment used as well as the implementation of colour management before, during and after image capture. Therefore prints made by Fine Art Print Studio are not guaranteed to match prints made by other print services. We can however guarantee consistency for all prints produced by us and we do offer a Money Back Guarantee or reprint in the event that print inconsistencies arise
5. If details are visible in an image file then we will strive to reproduce this detail. Therefore if dust or marks are visible in the image file and are not wanted on the final print, it is the customers responsibility to remove these by retouching prior to uploading images. No claims will be entertained for refunds or re-prints where marks are printed from the supplied images unless these have been bought to our attention in writing at the time of order. Note that additional charges will apply for retouching work at the customers request.

Re-Prints & Returns Policy

In the unlikely event that your print is received with marks or damage caused by the delivery service, please return the print to us in it's original packaging and include a completed RMA Form. As soon as we have verified the damage a replacement print will be sent out as soon as possible. Please note that normal turnaround times may apply. In the event that your print is needed urgently. Please reorder a new print via the website and let us know in the notes section of the online ordering system that you are returning a print. Once we have verified the problem your new order will be refunded within 7 working days. Please note that we do not accept responsibility for printing issues caused by client files as this is outside our control. Prints damaged by the customer will not be accepted for reprint service.