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Half price offer on A2 Museum Prints. Offer limited to first 100 customers. Click HERE to purchase this now.
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Half price offer on A2 Museum Prints. Offer limited to first 100 customers. Click HERE to purchase this now.

2018 Artist Startup Package

Why create print Editions?

Selling original artwork in a declined market can often be very difficult for artists, no-one wants to reduce the prices for their original work and maintaining their full value can lead to long periods without sales. It can tough out there sometimes and we all need to find ways to add value to our work and earn more from the considerable efforts we make to produce our work. As a fine art photographer for more than 20 years I can safely say that Giclee printing is a terrific way to monetise your work. By offering very high quality Archival Pigment prints produced on lovely handmade cotton rag papers, you can now sell your work at an affordable price and still maintain the trust value for your original.

Potential Value

As a general guideline, artists will typically sell a print for 4 to 5 times the original cost to them for the print. So, as an example an A3 Print will cost you €19.33 which will net you a profit somewhere between €57.99 - €77.32 for every print you sell. Given that most artists will create editions of up to 250 prints, a successful edition can easily make from €14,000 to over €19,000

What is involved in the process?

At Fine Art Print Studio, we make prints using 100% cotton rag paper from the worlds leading paper mills. , paper which is both acid and lignin free. The paper is printed on a high dynamic range printer using 11 colour pigments and a separate gloss optimiser. The first step in the process is capturing a high resolution digital image. Since all cameras and scanners reproduce colour differently, you should ideally adopt some form of colour management during the image capture stage. At Fine Art Print Studio we use special colour charts with scientifically reproduced colours that can me measured at the time of capture and then corrected to ensure colour accuracy. The files are then modified under soft proofing conditions to create a master print file that will produce the best colour, saturation, tone, contrast and dynamic range for a given paper. We can also help with the selection of paper type to ensure the print best meets the artists vision.

How much does the photography & master print file cost?

There is approximately one hours work involved in the process which includes professional lighting setup, custom camera profiling, high resolution photography and master print file creation. The standard price is €65.00 per piece of artwork. This is a one off process since the master print file is then used to create every print in the edition and is a relatively small cost considering the overall profits made from selling the edition. Having this process done correctly is a huge advantage and will help you sell more prints. Better looking and higher quality prints will always lead to more sales!

What is special about the Artist Startup Package?

For a limited time we are offering a fantastic startup package for all artists. You can now have ten pieces of artwork professionally mastered for a special reduced price of €500. In addition to the cost savings we will include ten free A3 sized prints of your work (one of each piece of artwork) FREE OF CHARGE (value at almost €200). By selling these prints you will easily recoup all of your costs for producing the master print files and make a nice profit. (Typically prints will sell for 4-5 times the cost value).

Please note that due to the demand for this service we recommend booking your work in advance. We have a few slots still available but these will be subject to availability.

To avail of this special offer please contact the studio today on 01 901 9687 or 051 390 875 Alternatively you can use our contact page HERE