Making an Income from Limited Edition Prints

What is a Giclée Print?

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Giclée prints are essentially digitally produced archival prints, made using pigment and archival papers. By using premium quality papers that are both acid and lignin free, the prints produced by this process can last for many generations, unlike regular dye based prints which are prone to colour fading and colour shifting. By using these high quality materials you can now sell limited editions of your artwork that will themselves stand the test of time. In Fact many Giclee prints that we produce will most likely outlast the original work. At Fine Art Print Studio we use industry leading 12 colour printers that produce exceptional colour gamut and highly consistent results.

Framed Artwork

What do I need to start making prints?

Once you have a high quality, high resolution digital image of your artwork or photograph you can start making Giclée prints right away. Ideally the file should be 300ppi resolution (at the final print size) and should have an embedded ICC colour profile. We recommend Adobe RGB colour space but other RGB files can be processed. Although many of our customers produce their own digital files, results can vary depending on the exposure and sharpness of the image. We are always happy to help out of you need some technical advice or tips on achieving the best results if you do decide to do this work yourself.

Photographing your artwork

What if I can't do this work myself?

In this case you can either use a third party professional service to capture the high resolution files or you can avail of our professional photography and artwork master print file creation service. Artwork Photography is highly specialised and if done right can produce exceptional quality prints. Given that this is a one offf cost it is easy to see the advantages. Better prints are more likely to produce better print sales for the artist and of course they look closer to the original work of art. By offering the highest quality you also ensure that your own reputation is held in high esteem.

How much should I charge my customers for prints?

Pricing Your Artwork Prints

This is one of the most popular questions asked by our clients. Whilst ultimately this is the artists decision to make, we can say that typically Giclee prints will sell for approximately 4 to 5 times the cost to the artist.

Here is a typical example to illustrate the potential income from a single piece of artwork.

A3 Prints / Edition 250
A3 Print - Cost to Artist @ from €19.30
Typical Selling Price @ €96.50
Profit for artist per print = €77.20.


A2 Prints / 250 Edition
A2 Print - Cost to Artist @ from €38.61
Typical Selling Price @ €200.00
Profit for artist per print = €161.39.


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